Translation by Pamela Seidel











I was born in Legnica (Poland) in 1971.
I did my degree in Painting at the Academy of Arts in Wroclaw, Poland. I am currently living and working in Hanover, Germany.











For a long time now I have been fascinated by those works of art which not only have excellent form but also a magical energy.  In my current project I consciously and deliberately make use of a mystical atmosphere as a means of expression. To do this I use black with sharp reddish tones or black and gold. Graphics, which I later include as Flash animations in film, are the starting point for my work.  They serve as drafts for pictures. By means of eroticism and magic rituals I express my understanding of the sense of our existence. By using different techniques and materials I am searching unceasingly for my own cipher both in the artistic message and the form.