Macaroni Mutant - Film - 2014 - Monika Zywer


Shows the transformation in modern life. Women take over the roles of male and men take over the roles of female. The world becomes different, strange and increasingly alien to people. The threat of war is manifested. Women are sexual warriors although it is known that during the war women are helpless victims.



Rattle - 2013
Re: Cabaret - Film - 2013 - CologneOFF 2013 - Monika Zywer
The inspiration was the film "Cabaret" and childhood in communist Poland.
Dancing to dark trance music a woman is opposed to all this, which brings a feeling of totalitarianism. She is the epitome of freedom.


Norway - 2011


Summer 2012

iPhone 4s - App 8 mm Vintage Camera


The Cat´s song - Film - 2012 - CologneOFF 2012



It is a short video of a magical cat that by dancing and singing restores the balance of nature that has been destroyed by humans.

Rainer Maria Rilke - Eingang - 2016 - Monika Zywer
Cat is a cat - 2017. Film - Monika Zywer. Music - Andreas Flick
Devour Art - 2014 - Monika Zywer
The old process of creating the food has changed in the technology of production. The magic of creating art changed technology to create art. Fast, easy, shallow.
Fast Food - Fast Art.